A Farewell to Prussia (给普爷写首诗)

英语老师要求自愿写一首有关友情的诗… 然而我莫名其妙写了普爷… 并不懂什么诗文规则何况一写起诗来连语法规则都抛弃了( ̄▽ ̄)自娱ing

A Farewell to Prussia

The laughter of soldiers from the past

Waked the survival in delight

Alone in the shabby cottage with moonlight

While the wind flowing from Siberia was dissolved by frost

Snow covered the ashes of sunflowers

Whereas the flesh could feel no cold

For the warmth of tears and blood

Proclaimed your victory and the failure of enemies 

Rain, rain, like the soil where sun never sets

Fell in a blink of an eye

In the end the victor is just a passer-by 

Under no sunlight may the great Calvary rest in peace

Your flag rose in the dusk, foretelling

A gorgeous era with unchangeable blue ending

Like the tide rises and falls under the moon witnessing

The glory of the kingdom long living



 #本来想正文里至少出现一句Farewell Prussia的,但是要押Prussia的韵我只想得到Russia啊(捂脸)绝不是cp向!